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We have top of the line DJ equipment including:  speakers, lights, etc.



 My speakers consist of two JBL G2 two way speakers, which has been the top selling speaker and the DJ standard for years.  These speakers will cover any size room and put out excellent and very clear sound.


I've also added a pair of QSC KW153 speakers, which is a three way speaker and a pair of QSC KW152 which is a two way speaker.  These are very high end speaker that also provide great sound coverage in any size room. 


These speakers are very durable and dependable and sound fantastic.


I use only top of the line Shure Cordless Microphones.  They provide a very clean crisp sound without any feedback, which means you don't have to strain to hear what I am announcing. 


Being cordless means I am not limited to where I can go in the room to make announcements, which is a very nice feature.


They come with double antennas, which keeps a strong signal, and I have never had them cut out from anywhere in the room.

DV016_Jpg_Large_270676.jpg untitled.png

I have a wide assortment of lights: T ri- Phase LED, Revo III, Dekker LED, Hyper Gem LED, and Micro Gobo Mini Laser.          


The DJ Lihts are all made by American DJ, the largest manufacturer of Disc Jockey Lights.  The LED are the newest lights on the market.  These lights are nice and bright and provide great coverage of the dance floor.


Each individual light creats a different design and colors on the dance floor, adding a great effect while guests are dancing and having fun.